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Who we are and what we do is a professional network that brings buyers from all over the world, in contact. Fast, easily and secure.


The steps of opening an account are simple. Every buyer can register and create a profile by filling a form with personal details such as type of company, name, region etc. and then select the categories of the products of his interest and also define which buyer – member will be able to view his profile. Each member can upload a picture, video as well as the features of a supplier’s product of his interest and attract other buyers – members who are interested in the same product categories. If other buyers express their interest in a product, the two or more parties begin a conversation in order to reach a deal for a product that satisfies everyone and proceed with placing an order together.

One of the main advantages of this network, is confidentiality, since all conversations and negotiations will be made without disclosing each buyer’s identity. Of course, this will cause no fraud issues.

In addition, each member will be receiving notifications regarding the products of his interest, based on the range of products each purchaser has uploaded.


Given the fact that most suppliers require a large minimum order quantity, is the perfect solution for every buyer as it offers to its members the opportunity to purchase smaller quantity without buying the product in a higher price.
Small companies will be able to participate to the production of a product by paying an extra percentage of the product’s price to large companies. This means that both companies will be benefited. The small ones will be able to purchase the product in a better price and even order a small quantity and the large enterprises can achieve purchasing the product in a competitive price because of the increase of the quantity.
Large enterprises can buy smaller quantity which means less expenses and the opportunity to renew their range of products more often, a fact that definitely leads to better sales!
Each company can upload the products of its stock and sell them to other buyers, but of course the total quantity that each company is allowed to sell, will result from an equation based on the orders that the company has placed through this network.

The Solution
Large firms which are able to purchase a product from a supplier in a competitive price, can work as an agent for small companies by receiving a commission from them.
Smaller companies can co-operate and purchase together quantities that they wouldn’t be able to purchase alone.








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